[selling] Dragon stones and Dragon stone fragments.

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  1. Hi.

    Im selling Dragon stones and Dragon stones fragments at my shop at smp8!

    Dragon stone fragment: 4500r
    Dragon stone: 38000r

    Visit res nr 17084
    (/v schlaf82)
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  2. bump..still some left..
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  3. What's the difference
  4. diffreence between Dragon stone fragments and Dragon stone is that it goes 9fragments so make 1 stone..
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  5. Wait, 38k? Not to be rude but isn't that a lot?
  6. Considering it costs 9 dragon fragments to make a stone, and he sells fragments for 4500, and 4500 times 9 is 40500. So, you're actually getting a deal if you buy a stone. ;)
  7. Not really, he put 9 fragments to make a stone so 4500 times 9 = 38000
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  8. Oooh. Ok. :p Just was curious because I thought they were a bit less than that >.>
    The more you know I guess xD
  9. yeah you get a little discount (7% or so...) if you buy a whole stone instead of fragments!
  10. Shop restocked..

    (price raised to 4800r for fragment.., stones excluded...)
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  11. bump,
    still some more dragon stone fragments to buy at my res at smp8!
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  12. restocked, both dragon fragments and diamonds!
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  13. bump. still some more fragments for sale
  14. bump! Even got diamonds for sale 10diamonds 550r!
  15. Once agained restocked with new Dragon shards. And I also lowered the price to the old 4500r
    Smp8 : /v schlaf82
  16. again restocked, both diamonds and Dragon Fragments!
  17. bump..

    diamonds is gone, but still some Dragon Stone Fragments left!