[SELLING] DC & SC of blocks/items

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm selling these DC/SC of blocks/items for the following prices.
    7x DC Glowstone (30K per SC, 58K per DC)
    1x DC Quartz Ore (35K per SC, 69K per DC)
    1x DC Exp Bottles (44K per DC)

    If you want to buy one of the following, please post or Pm me offers:
    7x DC Glass
    1x DC Emeralds
    1x DC Stonebrick
    1x DC Ice Blocks
    1x SC power 3 unbreaking 3 bows

    I'm also willing to do trades for promo's, please post or Pm me your offers.
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  2. Im out right now, but I have a lot of promos you may be interested in. Can you hold the DC of emeralds?
  3. 5k for Netherbrick?
  4. I'll have it reserved for only 24 hours from your post. After that timelimit anyone who wants to buy can do so.

    Good enough, please pay bloodra1n 5k and I'll set up a pickup chest at 9000 entrance (smp4)
  5. Could I buy a dc of glass? 6.5k and if you have more than one dc I will buy em
  6. I have set up access chest. Please pay upon pickup :)

    I have set up 4 DC of Glass, you can pickup all for 6.5k per DC, so 26k if you take all 4 dc :)
  7. Cool! I'll pay when I get on. I'm watching the selection show for the NCAA tournament right now
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  8. I'll be on in an hour after a meeting...
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  9. Emeralds are available again. Lots of other great deals waiting for you guys!

    Edit: sold within 4 minutes lol
  10. I'd give you a 2012 EMC firework + labor bench + iDay firework for a DC of emmies :p
  11. In contrary of my previous post; I do not currently take Emerald orders at the moment. I'll let you know when I have plenty of emeralds again :)
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  12. Updated OP & restocked with lots of glass! First comes, first serves, so order now!
  13. Updated OP & restocked with lots of Glowstone and Quartz Ore! Order now!
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  14. Lowered some prices~