[Selling]DC of Netherbrick(block)

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  1. I am selling a DC of Netherbrick BLOCKS.
    I don't know how much they cost so I will say 13k?
    If you want to purchase it please tell me.
  2. That's definitely way over price. I usually say about 90r/stack is average. You can easily smelt netherrack into nether bricks, so it's not like the old days where you had to battle blazes and withers to mine them. I would say if you wanted to sell it fast, try 4k. If you want to go a bit slower, try 5 or 6k. If you really don't care how long it sits there you can go with up to 9k.

    Netherrack is really cheap (like 10r/stack) and 8 coal to smelt is about 12r. So 22r/stack times 4 stacks = 88r. So this pricing makes sense based on how netherbricks are made.

    This would also be well suited to an auction. Who knows... Maybe someone desperately needs those netherbricks and doesn't know where to buy them.