[Selling] DC of Glass

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  1. I am selling a DC of glass for 4.5k (4500R)

    Anyone interested please comment below or create a conversation with me. Please do not do buisiness stuffs with me on a server.

    ~ Sir_Reginald_
  2. I will PM you
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  3. I'll take one also if you're selling more then one
  4. You have one more person infront of you in line but I can get one for you also.
  5. If you are getting more can I buy another?
  6. Your glass is ready to go!
  7. I AM NOT TAKING GLASS ORDERS ANYMORE! I plan on upgrading my auto smelter and making a glass store.
  8. You should have a look at my smelting system on smp6 it's pretty sweet if I must say
  9. The ones on the wall?