[Selling] Custom Skins!

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  1. Need a skin? I make custom skins for anyone who needs them.
    Need Michael Phelps? I'll make it.
    Need Obama? I'll make it.
    Need a llama? I'll make it.
    The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!(Except for the fact that minecraft skins may only have a certain amount of pixels and colors but other than that, ENDLESS!)

    Prices range form 100r to 1500r depending on the difficulty.
  2. no my program is but it works great
  3. i'll pay 1500r if you can make me a good one of Manu Ginobli wearing his Argentina Olympics Jersey, it's a blue color

  4. Sorry couldnt resist, Attached!

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  5. awesome!! can you do David Robinson too? it's his birthday today!!

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  6. trying now :p

  7. Looks good ;)
  8. Can you make a skin with a suit? he has to look awesome! and the suit have to be navy blue with a tie! il pay 100r, if you want more il think about it. thanks!
  9. nfell, that one does look good! let me know if you make it :)

    i already got some cool things planned to do with this skin in mind
  10. let me do the other one then i will start on that one
  11. Done! Attached!

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  12. you're awesome!!
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  13. I working on it
    Thatll come next

    P.s. nfell please stop selling on my thread. please stick to your own.
  14. moyaboya, if you want to make some i'll pay you! i'll take one for every player on the Spurs team plus their international jerseys!
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  15. Ok, Theyll be done as quick as possible :D
  16. Done!

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