[SELLING] Custom/Original Skins

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  1. Hey everyone, as of today I will be taking requests to create skins.
    First off, I will run down a few rules before you can post your request:

    Please make your request understandable, if I cannot understand what you are trying to say, I'm afraid I cannot create the skin.
    By 'custom' I mean edited skins, an example is a Batjoker skin I made using a normal Batman skin yesterday. Feel free to download :)

    Pricing is based on the complexity of the skin. I can make capes and Alex skins aswell. However, you may be charged extra for that.
    Normal payment is between 1-2k each. Extra payment can lead up to 3-5k.

    Request Queue:

    Reserved Queue:

    Pending Queue:
  2. Are you still taking requests?