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  1. Hey guys, so I have recently made a Cactus farm. At this moment I have completes 1 1/3 of around 50 layers. It produces a TON and its barely 1/45th the way into it! Anyway I have of course got a load more materials to collect, and I also have a ton of cactus, so I thought; why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone? So I am deciding to sell Cactus. Please be patient with orders as I may not have it in stock straight away, but should be quick. Find the prices below!

    Stack - 15r

    Single Chest: 350
    Double Chest: 650r
    5 Double Chest: 3100
    10 Double Chests: 6000

    Please use this format:

    Name: SwagDaddyThePrincess
    Amount: 10 billion and 21 DC
    Price: (9+10? 21! I don't maths)
    Coupons / special deals running if any
    Delivery or pick up (delivery is 50r per DC, anything under is free)

    I hope you enjoy! Please try to keep the Max Order below 10DC per few days. Any feedback please let me know!