(SELLING) any enchanted swords and shovels on request

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  1. EDIT I'm gonna stop the enchanted tools and not only doing enchanted books and fire works. I'll get the tools that people ordered but after that that's all. You are welcome to buy the enchanted books range of 10-300r but don't do looting. I'll be selling fireworks 12-5050r (5050r cause u need A head to make the creeper head fireworks) most others will be 12-35r. Also when I'm done getting the tools I'm gonna have this page deleted, and make another for the fireworks and enchanted books after the severs update.
  2. ya i know i am gonna get rid of the other thread
  3. Mkay. You probably know this, but just report the first post with the request to delete it:)
  4. I wold like to order some sword`s

    Sory about gramar
  5. make me a eff 5 ubk 3 shovel for 1300r pleas
  6. Ok I'll get to work right away on both as soon as i can but What enchant u want on your sword gabstar2012 ?
  7. ok im almost done getting it
  8. i ended up getting the effi v unbreak III diamond shovel for u
  9. well when i come on ill make a access chest for u so pay me when u get on
  10. Hmm could name a sword I got and fix it ?
  11. I forgot to ask but what name u want on your shovel emtec121 ? And yes i can fix your tool and name it scout5477.
  12. dont need a name on it set a room up for me to buy it pleas
  13. OK I'll make a chest as soon as I can
  14. ok im on right now theres a access chest at my res 10995 ill be w8ing
  15. EDIT i don't think i can do looting III swords unless u wanna pay more than 1,300r
  16. A diamond sword with Sharpness V if possible, if not IV. Also, looting III. 2k?
  17. Eff. 5 unbreaking 3 shovels, 2 of them. 1.2k apiece?
  18. If I need one I will buy one soon!
  19. i'm slaving under my grinder and pry will have to for the next 2 weeks lol