[SELLING]50r for a stack of log

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  1. 4090 now have wide range of logs for sell (though ordering only)
    It's 50r for a stack of any kind logs (pick up only) .
    The type of logs given is random, depending on the quailty of product left.
    •25r/32 logs
    •50r/64 logs
    •100r/2 stacks
    •240r/5 stacks
    •450r/10 stacks

    Order form
    Ordering no.

    Please allow me 1-4 days to complete your order.
    Always pay FIRST
    Pick up at 4090 smp2, ill set up a chest once payment is confirmed
    I'm not taking any more orders for now, cause I have like 1000 stacks to do
  2. I would like some logs:
    IGN: Daffy22
    Server: smp6
    Can I have 10 stacks of each type please?
  3. IGN- BobTheTomato9798
    Server- smp4
    Ordering no. 10 stacks of every kind of log
  4. 200 stacks please; 50 stacks of each type. 9000r.

    Please confirm you can manage that, and I will pay.
  5. AlexChance
    Order: 5 stacks of each log if possible.
  6. I'll take 400 stacks of oak :D

    I'll also give you 30.000 rupees.

    400 stacks of oak.
  7. Good luck getting these orders done in the next 2 years ;D
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  8. 400 hundred stacks 0.o I already got a hundred :), ill do all your guys order! I will try to finish within next month