[Sellin] EMC Promo items

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  1. I have a few promo items for sale..

    Labor bench: 2k (0 in stock)
    ICC Birthday Voucher: 4k (0 in stock)
    Independence day Firework: 15k (1 in stock) (Saved for: MVPDrose)
    Incitatus: 15k (1 in stock) (See below for info)

    Incitatus Info:
    Description: Chestnut Black Dots
    Speed: 130.00%
    Jump: 53.76%
    HP: 21.00

    Description: Gray None
    Speed: 130.00%
    Jump: 80.75%
    HP: 20.00
  2. I'll take the labor benches
  3. I'll take all the labors and the icc voucher!
  4. I... want a labor bench... oh they are all gone, Ill just go cry in my corner.....
  5. I want one too stew...
  6. /shop-for all your promoish needs!
  7. /shop for the place to over pay for everythiiiinggg xD
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  8. Except promo items-/shop is the only source of unused ones-except ones from /promo.
  9. I got a couple of the labor benches off some members for free and others for 1k, one even for 2 enchant books! No need to pay 5k when you have some emc mates :D ~FDNY21
  10. Why do you write "~FDNY21" at the end of every post...? that's what a signature is for and we know you are saying it because its just to the right of your name xD.
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  11. I bought 30 from /shop, because I know that people will lose theirs, and will be willing to pay for another eventually. :)
  12. What can I say, I used to do it on signs on my first ever residence so it just stuck and when I came to forums it came with me :D What can I say, its indie xD
  13. good idea..wait, THIRTY!?!?!?!
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  14. Yes, 30. :p I have no issues spending my money if I feel like I will get it back in the future. :)
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  15. Lucky you got that much money D:
  16. If you invest right, you can get that much too.:)
  17. Ur smarty. :p
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  18. But knowing me, i invest wrong!
  19. That's how I make 80% of my money lol
  20. Bump :p still got 3 items left