Seeking Bulk Bones

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  1. If anyone has a bunch please PM me offers! Need multiple DCs.

    I am also interested in other mob drops.
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  2. I believe /v +rr sells bones in bulk. On smp6.
  3. On SMP6, I typed /v +rr and it reported:
    No residence found for that tag.
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  4. That is weird. Its the shop from Dramanya. Maybe ask her!
  5. Right. Seems that is not an option available to me (ongoing issue to which I have yet to receive a further response). In any case, I'd prefer dealing with someone who operates a serious business and/or is interested in selling bulk.
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  6. Check my signature - maybe you're interested :)
  7. right thanks for that.
    yeah we're a serious buisness, just cause i took your move flag off for emptying my store, and selling it again in your own, does not make me less serious. i told you i dont want to supply to other stores in that amount, didint know it was an ongoing issue, i gave you a reply on my end our "issue" was over.
  8. Thanks for your response now to my last message from Saturday.

    You do have a nice shop. It's very beautiful, has a nice name, has a reasonable selection, and you work very hard to keep it stocked. My comment was directed towards how you run it as a business. In my opinion, a serious business would welcome large purchases or at least operate using a consistent policy. If there was an issue, they would resolve it in the most professional and respectful manner possible.

    I've been using your shop for many months. I regularly (maybe once every week or two) was buying your stone and stone brick whenever I run low, which is sold at your shop in a bulk format for a very cheap price (47r/stack, when the market average is now about 80r/stack). As far as I'm aware and can recall, this is the only product I've 'emptied' (at least in the past few months). You've always been faithfully restocking it, and I don't recall you ever mentioned anything to me. My assumption was that you were happy with this arrangement.

    Every time I visit a shop in general, I check any posted buy restrictions, and do my best to respect and comply with them. In addition, I respect personal requests to not buy from shops or to sell some items back to ensure the shop remains with a reasonable level of stock. I apologize if I missed any restrictions posted at your shop or any communication from you. My goal has never been to 'empty' your shop. It's been to buy the stone and stone brick that I need. You happened to be the cheapest place to buy it and regularly restock.

    I have found that customers who are buying products such as stone or stone bricks for a build don't mind paying a fair market prices (or even slightly above average market price). This pricing is quite valuable to your business model as it allows you to pay others a fair price to restock those products in your shop. For me, this strategy has allowed me to spend significantly less time restocking my shops.

    If you do want to produce and offer this really cheap stone as a 'lost leader' strategy to attract customers to your shop, one useful technique may be to pad the buy chest with dirt so that only a limited number of stacks are available for sale at any given time. For example, if you left 9 stacks clear for stone and filled the other 45 with 1 dirt each, a customer could only buy 9 stacks at one time before they would have to wait for the hopper to slowly restock everything.

    I have never had to ban anyone from any of my shops. People regularly buy and sell from my shops in large quantities. There was a point in the past where I had to politely ask certain people to limit their sales of one product to my shops to 50k/day, since they were draining my rupees to 0 and other customers could not sell. No customer has ever continued selling after I messaged them. I also get bought out of products. I simply raise the price or quantity stocked any time that happens. I appreciate all my customers and would never think to ban one of them. Even customers who were exploiting typos in my shop, I managed to resolve with a simple private message and get every rupee back. (Some even apologized and overpaid.) I hear from customers regularly who got blocked from other shops. They all tell me how much they dislike and resent the shop that banned them. I make tens of thousands of rupees off them, business that shop will never see. They have become some of my most loyal customers. In my experience, nobody ever intends to break my shop.

    I'm doing my best to get past the resentment I feel about the block and delayed response, and I apologize for buying you out of stone and stone brick in the past.