Secret's 3 Weeks Off

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  1. So, as a few of you know, I just got back from a 3 week sleepaway summer camp, called CTY. I am now 100% back and I am back to playing EMC again. What did I do without EMC, you ask?

    - Learned some science stuffs
    - Made tons of new friends
    - Dislocated my finger
    - Almost blinded myself (don't ask)
    - Made out with identical twins from Poland :confused:
    - More fun stuff

    However, spending more time in the real world showed me that I really need to start spending more time with my friends, so I most likely won't be playing for 10 hours a day anymore ;)
  2. don't take another vacation or else
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  3. So.... can we know how you almost went blind? :p

    Good to have you back secret!
  4. Sneeker approved. Though, when I try to make out with twins, it ends up the other slaps me. :p
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  5. forget the going blind, tell us about the twins... *sits patiently in my comfy chair*
  6. Evidently, you dont have moments like that, do you Man? XD
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  7. Almost got blind(Dont ask) Dangit!
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  8. Haha sounds like a fun trip. Glad to see your back :)
  9. How do you tell the difference!?

    " I missed your cheap logs"
  10. Welcome back old buddy! Also I have to ask, how did you almost blind yourself?
  11. Maybe he mixed two chemicals and the went BOOM!
  12. - Dislocated my finger
    - Almost blinded myself (don't ask)
    - Made out with identical twins from Poland :confused:

    tell us about these 3 things please xD
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  13. Do go on
  14. I was at the camp and blinded him with my smexiness ahaahahahahaaahahhhaha....
  15. Glad to have you back- it doesn't seem like it was 3 weeks.... back in plenty of time for the 1.3 update lol
  16. Twins. Nice.
  17. Why would you care?
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  18. Almost going blind: Bathroom stall door hook + eye = pain
    Finger: Jammed it bad in football.
    Twins: They were identical, and I made out with one, and then made out with her again... 'cept I realized afterwards it was the other one :confused:
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