[Second time]Hello

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  1. Hello, i'm the owner of the account 'pateraterick'. I got this account for my birthday (which is in 2 weeks time).
    I'm active, i love music (Dubstep, Eminem). I love reading (Mangas and novels).

    Thats about it, thanks guys!:)

    -Dark_Magic_ (pateraterick)
  2. My eyes! (Use different text color, please!)

    Welcome, though, lol. :p
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  3. It suppose to be dark ,maybe iwill pick a different colour:)
  4. You like it now? Thats the best i can get!
  5. heyllo welcome to the Empire hope you ejoy yourself:D
  6. What about white?
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  7. I can read it fine :confused:
  8. Im on vacation typing and reading from phone. Might be the problem
  9. 'dark' magic, suppose to be a dark colour!