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  1. So, in February I have to take my first SAT test. I have reviewed a bit of what will be on it via online resources but I'm still confused on what/how to study for it. I have completed grade 10,11, and 12 pre-cal with high grades so I know most of the math portion but does anyone who has taken an SAT have any tips? Anything would be helpful!

    Thanks :p
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  2. I could ask my friend after she takes it this weekend (she is in 8th grade) about what good things to study are. :)
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  3. Best way to study is not to study all at once, any way you study for tests, you can use on SAT, you can find a teacher at a local high school and they tend to help, some for fees, some not
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  4. Hmm... I took the ACT. I got some flashcards that really helped. Maybe you could find something like that.
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  5. Take it twice. Try your hardest the first time, but don't be upset if you don't do well. Treat it like a practice test, there is nothing better than the real thing.
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  6. In the UK a SAT is a pointless test you take in Year 2 and Year 6, which gets retaken in a CAT exam in Year 7 when you start High School. Then you start GCSEs in Year 10, and then you start A Levels in Year 12 :3

    So... can't help you :p

    For those interested, i'm in Year 9 :p
  7. Don't just do problems over and over. That is scientifically proven to be much less helpful than going over your notes and putting a lot of thought into it. As you probably know, the sat's are not easy. Study hard. Don't stay up past 9. Eat a breakfast full of protein. (Egg and sausages) don't forget to drink a lot.
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  8. Personally I have a big scary book. This one.

    I'm taking my first one in January.
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  9. Thanks for all the advice everyone :) I really appreciate it!!
  10. My E.L.P. (Extended Learning Program) teacher has a bunch of books with word vocab in them.
    I also plan on taking it this year just to see what it's like, I'm in 8th grade however.
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  11. I have taken the PSAT,it goes by fast so answer questions quickly..
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  12. I personally don't like to study for tests. It puts stress on me and makes me do worse IMO. I do just fine and get A+'s without studying. Although, since this is the SAT, you might want to study a bit. Don't go hardcore on every topic but try to just briefly go through some skills for each topic and maybe some weaker skills of yours you might want to study a bit more. This method only works for me, everyone is different when it comes to study methods :)

    You just really have to try what works for you. If you have any small quizzes or anything coming up soon, try to test out different study paths and maybe not study for one of them and see which one helps you the best :)
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  13. The sat is easy,it's basic English and math,it just is very fast and timed...
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  14. Study hard, eat a good breakfast, get a good amount of sleep, and when you come to a question you can't answer, don't sit on it for awhile skip it for now and come back to it later. Good Luck!!
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  15. I took some practice tests online (Just small ones with like 10 questions) and I had a lot of trouble with the vocabulary and sentence structure. I tutored math for a few years so I think I am stronger in that portion.

    And xHaro_Der, I am the same way, I went through all of high school barely studying and still got good grades, but I feel I really need to study for this one. Thanks for the tips :)
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  16. Join for vocabulary help. I enjoy the site a lot and it's like flashcards. What makes this sight so special is it logs which ones you get right and wrong (all random words) and then it focuses on the words/word type that you frequently miss. You get points and can compete for your school.
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  17. I'm in 7th grade and I take one in January. Get the big giant SAT book, it helps from what I've looked at.
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  18. I don't think you can study enough for any kind of tests like that. In my country this tests are easily solved with common sense, some good basics (great grades over the years) and a medium-high IQ level. Not much help from my side either :p
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  19. All great advice in this thread (didn't read all of it, but several of them). My biggest piece of advice is to come mentally prepared for the test. Don't just go to bed at a decent time the night before. But several days preceding it. And have confidence while taking it.
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  20. I took the SAT this year, and ended up doing really well on it. I would recommend doing lots of practice SAT tests. It's really difficult to study for because it's so general, but don't sweat it too much. I found it to be really easy, and using process of elimination on multiple choice questions is really important. Also, if you get stuck on a question, move on. If you have time you can always come up, but since you loose points for wrong answers it's better to get as many right as you can and not wildly guess all that often. And finally, on the essay portion, before you start writing take a minute or two to clearly plan out what you want to say and how to organize the essay. Because without doing it on a computer, restarting is pretty much impossible in that time period.

    I was pretty worried going in, especially since I'd spent about 2 hours studying and was sick, but it went great. You'll do fine, and besides, most colleges care more about extra curricular activities and volunteering than SAT scores :)
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