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  1. I need alot of sandstone. Buying all i can. Doesn't matter waht smp i will pick up.
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  2. No need to make two threads about the same thing :) I suggest you look in some of these shops here!
  3. Every shop is out. Tried 12 different shops.
  4. Try to PM FatAndyTheGreat, he usually has some :p
  5. FatAndy is on smp8 btw if you wanted to check out and see if he had some. Last I checked he was selling some at his res.
  6. I have quite a bit of sandstone in storage, around 40 stacks I believe, please contact me as I will be available for most of today. We can work out a price/stack and than I will set up a shop on res 7276 on SMP3
  7. There is also a place with literally unlimited amounts of sandstone, as well as diamonds gold and other ores....
    It's called.
    The wild :eek:
  8. The whole idea of buying is so you don't have to go in the wild and spend time mining when you could be building!
  9. I have a DC if it. If the price is right ill sell it. Pm me n offer.
  10. Spencer6 oh i have been in the wild and have cleared 2 deserts of their sand and sandstone. I need over 40,000 blocks of sandstone and i can only mine so much by myself. That is why i am buying sandstone. I have been buying from FatAndy when he gets it in.
  11. If you will notice the ":p" Face in my previous post, you will see i was not being serious.......
    wasn't trying to be mean or anything....
  12. I am currently auctioning a dc of sandstone right now on the forums. I plan to auction more in the future too. check it out.