Rulles only apply if established?

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  1. My son just talked to a Mod to report that someone had stolen from him and had added on to the outpost he was building. According to him, the Mod said that because the outpost is not "established" there was nothing they could do. He was told that tearing down what they had built would be considered "griefing."

    So, according to these rules, I could go and build a giant obsidian Dome around an "Un-established outpost" and steal whatever I wanted from the chests. And nobody could do anything about it as long as I didn't break anything?!?!

    Of course I'm upset right now, but what has happened to this server?
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  2. That's very ridiculous. I wouldn't advise you to steal from an outpost (obviously) but I'd attempt to get a second opinion. If you're extremely angry at the moderator, the best course of action is to contact krysyyjane9191 and report the moderator there.

    Regardless of whether an outpost is established, theft is illegal. If that moderator said the theft was legal you really do need to tell krysyy (she handles all staff related stuff).
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  3. Rules apply across EMC, this being no exception. If the Outpost has been stolen from then there should be something that can be done about that. PM krysyyjane9191 and possibly the Senior Staff too so that you can explain to them what has happened and get it sorted out. If you feel the Moderator did wrong then you can also PM krysyyjane9191 on this matter as stated by PenguinDJ above.
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  4. I was of course being facetious about covering an outpost in obsidian and stealing, I was just trying to illustrate a point. I would have to talk to my son about which mod it was but he said it was senior staff.
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  5. I think there is a little bit more to the story than this, because this sounds too wrong to be true. If it is true, that is really disappointing of how it turned out. What may have happened is that an outpost was established either before or after the creation of the outpost, and the staff missed it, then they would have been given the right to build on it. I am still siding with you on this, since it was still his property. Hopefully it will be all sorted out, though.
  6. I've had a conversation like this with Staff before when my enderman grinder got griefed. What the staff is forgetting to realize in your case is that "Grief" in this case means to literally cause grief to another player. It doesn't matter if a block was destroyed or placed, but once it annoys somebody, it's considered griefing.

    The rules are a little lenient in that case, and although the person can't be banned for placing blocks in a base, it should be dealt with.
  7. Hello i am oph5pr1n6's son MD. i had realized that some stuff was stolen from my base and the moderator said because my base nor my dad's was established there wasn't anything they could do to see who stole from me. i showed them the starting of a bridge that lead from this other player's base to mine i have asked this player to remove the bridge because i didn't want it there i am also friends with this player on Facebook steam etc,. and haven't been able to contact him in weeks and i am very disappointed in this player for not getting back in contact with me. but what the mod did tell me is i could build a huge wall in front of this bridge (which i did) and also put a sign on the wall saying for him to tear it down ASAP before there's more problems. anyways still very disappointed that he did this and i cant do anything about it.
  8. So I think the main issue here is a clarification is needed. Base establishment makes it okay for the base owner to control the area, i.e. decide who can build there etc. If your base is not established, then it is still against the rules to steal from you, but building close to you is not controlled by moderator action.
    Stealing/breaking items that are not yours will result in staff punishment.

    Player A has outpost XYZ (established). Player B comes along and builds on a 'plot' in the outpost without permission. Player A (as the owner of the outpost) has permission to tear down Player B's build as it was not allowed to be placed. (These materials are required to be returned to Player B.)

    Player C has outpost QRS (Not established). Player D comes along and builds their own house/addition (that does not hinder Player C's use of his area). Player C DOES NOT have permission to tear this down. Player C needs to contact Player D and ask for them to move it. If Player D does not respond in a timely fashion, Senior Staff+ will remove the build after investigation into who was there first. If precedent cannot be established, the staff will not get involved. If Player C breaks down Player D's house, it is considered griefing and may result in punishment.

    Player E has outpost TUV (not established). Player F comes and builds something that directly affects Player E (blocking off spawners, placing dirt everywhere, etc). Player E can contact Senior Staff+ and ask permission to have Player F's griefs removed. (Remember griefing isn't just breaking blocks) Player E should not remove Player F's builds without staff permission. (Materials from Player F's builds are subject to review for return to Player F or deletion).
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  9. By stealing do you mean destroying blocks and taking them or taking from chest. I assume chest. If so I think that mod is correct that he can't tell who stole from you. But if it is blocks then only a few specific blocks are traced to who destroyed them. Also, if you are blaming the guy who built the bridge for this, it is not proof that he stole from you. Maybe some guy found this bridge and traced it to your base and stole your things. The bridge builder should not be blamed for the theft. I am sorry for the inconvenience with the the player not logging on and being able to destroy his bridge, but I believe he can build near you unless you establish an outpost. There is nothing we can do to get that player online so he could maybe be considerate and destroy the bridge. Sorry for any mistakes.