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Is ROBLOX a kids game to your eyes?

Yes, why would you play that? Are you two? 4 vote(s) 50.0%
No, it looks fun for all ages. 4 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. It's a very cool website, and is very similar to Minecraft if many ways!

    It is based off of blocks for starters, and is a creative building game.

    You make your own games, clans/guilds, friends, etc.

    You are also able to earn money called Tickets as a beginner, and Robux when you buy a membership, or get enough tickets to convert into Robux. You can buy virtual Gear, Hats, Clothes, Bodies (Packages), and other things too with the money you earn. You can make your own items and sell them, as well as buy other user created trinkets and outfits.

    It is a game directed to children, but it is very fun, none-the-less. Maybe give it a shot!
  2. Sounds pretty cool.
  3. But you have to pay real money to buy that "super cool" virtual hat everyone's wearing. A mere ripoff if you ask me.
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  4. Wow I am really tired, sorry bluebl1, I accidentally edited your post instead of posting my reply :( I will give myself a temp ban ;)
  5. Lol Justin, and also Green_Mystery, ROBLOX was around long before minecraft, I tried it once when I was 8, and I am now 14. So in a way, and I do not believe this just so you know, you could say that minecraft was the ripoff. :)
  6. To get the hat you want, you pay robux or tickets. you get 10 tickets every day for logging in, plus a bunch of tickets if people play your games. You can turn tickets into robux. If you REALLY want the hat, make a cool place. Not a penny spent :p. I like ROBLOX because you can build pretty much anything, and SCRIPT it, too.