-={ Reverse Auction }=- 8DCs of Book & Quills

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  1. Item - 432 (8DC) Book & Quills
    Starting Price - 30,000 Rupees
    Minimum Decrease - 1,000 Rupees
    Auction ends 24 25 hours after last valid bid.
  2. 30,000
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  3. Night bump, you could make money from this if you bid 29k and then bought it from shops! You could make even more if you bought materials separately and crafted them!
  4. 29,000
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  5. Still a great deal! Especially if you already have some, buying the rest and bidding would make you money!
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  6. Bump! Great deal here!
  7. le bump, still a fantastic deal for any takers.
  8. Night bump! This is still very profitable!
  9. 27k
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  10. 25k :D
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  11. Bump, if you already have some then buying the materials for the rest and crafting them can make you some decent money! Or if like, you just randomly have 8DC of book & quills lying around.. I guess.. That's fine too.. :p

    For anyone looking to craft them, here's a price breakdown using raw materials that you can buy - you can adjust accordingly if you already have some materials.

    - 432x (8 stacks) Ink = 4,320 rupees
    - 432x (8 stacks) Leather = 3,456 rupees
    - 432x (8 stacks) Feather = 432 rupees
    - 1296x (24 stacks) Paper = 324 rupees
    Total cost of raw materials = 8,532 rupees! This means that a bid of 20,000 rupees will net you 11,468 rupees profit just for crafting them! You'll make even more if you already have some materials!
  12. Exactly 3 hours bump :)
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