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  1. I noticed that when typing in /res info while on your res it says all these flags like monsters that say that they are invalid. i think they should make it so we can use these flags so we can have monsters spawn.
  2. I didnt understand
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  3. Nope. Town is supposed to be safe.
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  4. Somehow I did.
    He wants the res flags to be changed to allow use to change whether monsters spawn on our res'
    This is of course completely silly and will probably never be allowed.
    That's what the wild is for.
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  5. But he is suggesting something that is not possible because we cant die in town. We could get a lot of xp
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  6. Ah, didn't think of that one, very good.
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  7. We could use creepers to blow out all the dirt on our res' so that we wouldn't have to dig! :p
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  8. Good idea! Also withers!!
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  9. You can enable monsters on your res. The thing is monsters spawning is a world related thing I think.
  10. Yes, we could.
    But we probably never will...
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  11. Did
    Did i hear that rey are working on a PVP project? How Would that be?
  12. That's this rumoured "Dystopia" server that is apparently going to happen someday.
    (Even though I have never seen Aikar post about it)
    But anyway, it would be another server entirely set up quite differently to the the rest of EMC.
  13. But it will be just Wild or a town and Wild!
  14. I haven't really seen much details about it.
    From what I've heard, it would be very different to the wild we know in the regurlar EMC servers.
    Sorta like a Hardcore version.
  15. Cool we can go an tell aikar to do it!
  16. From what I know it will be only wild and it will be pvp, possibly with faction like things and no name tags.
  17. What i think it could be possible is 1 PVP Per server. Type /pvp or /pvp area. 4 worlds Per server ( town, Wild, nether and PVP)
  18. No, it would be it's own server.
  19. The PVP server and dystopia are two separate projects. Aikars PVP server is a WIP and will be introduced in the (hopefully) near future. Dystopia has only been discussed a few times, it hasn't reached the drawing board stage yet though. :)
  20. Aikar is ruining te economy again!
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