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  1. I was wondering through looking for some intelligent ideas when I came across one, I was thinking maybe it would be cool and would provide players easier access to designing res's, my idea is on this website to have an "res designer".This computer designer would essentially have, a Dirt removal tool, water adding tool(which would both cost rupees)I was thinking that the res designer could also provide a better 3d res dimension viewer(because live map does not have 360 view)I was also thinking that res designer would have a designer where players could design their res(not actually building, more for sketching purposes)It would essentially provide a view of the players res where they could have a creative inv and players could pre-design things on their res,without actually building.
    Thanks, provide some feedback,
    Ivonator123 :)
  2. Or, just go single player and creative flat, layout a 60x60 plot and test build all u want..
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  3. Yeah, kinda like that, but with everything that your res has
  4. Im gonna reset my res so I know which one is mine on the live map! :p
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