[REQUESTS] Drawings

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  1. I'm making drawings for you! Just make a request, and i'll draw it, scan it, and post it here!
  2. What I would like:

    An oval/rectangle table with 6 pigs sitting around it, having a feast of food, with their own plates, glasses, and silverware. (I would like a big roasted pig in the middle of the table with an apple in its mouth dead. :)
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  3. Would you like B/W or colour?
  4. I'd like color please. :)
  5. wow.... didn't realise you were so messed up...
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  6. Wow, Sir Bacon
    Showing your gruesome side?
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  7. Yes, indeed. ;3
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  8. i would like a picture of a noob dying of fall damage after falling a 3 block fall in color plz.
  9. Total bump :p Unfortunatly, I have almost no colouring stuff, so everything will be in B/W. Also, ill need to slightly photoshop pig's request because, I attempted to colour it in hot pink :confused:
  10. BumpsssssSSssSSSsss.... *KA-BUMP*
  11. I would like my awesome sauce to show. 'Nuff Said.
  12. Dis gun b gud.
    dis gon b gud MLP.jpg
  13. I'd like whatever you want to draw that has ignoramoose and I in it =)and maybe something doctor who-ish =P
  14. A bloody knife please.
  15. omg cn u draw hero brain he is rel i sawed him!!!!!!
  16. Bump! Just need to scan the drawings in (I think)
  17. Check out the contest in my sig