Request for improved info on downtimes/problems

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Herbrin3, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. I suggest we

    A) Have a single easy page, such as

    Some fancy bit of code to just display content of a little text-file,

    Normally, it can be just "Everything is fine, as far as we are aware."

    Mods could change it - just, easily/quickly, e.g "login problems, [you can only be connected to one EMC server at a time] being worked on now, 01:23 4/5/12"

    B) If that message changes from the default "all good", put a small but clear banner at the top of *all* pages (ie, in the menu area of EMC)

    Predicting objections:

    "Tech/cost": It shouldn't be that hard to implement. Do it right, and ICC/Justin could update it with a mobile text-message. Ask Justin; he could prob do this in a couple hours.

    "Looks bad": Nope; 99% of the time, it won't be needed. The 1% it is, it's better to keep us informed. It looks worse when things are down with no information. If you say "it's down, we know, we're trying to fix it" then we're happy customers.

    "But it'll never break again": Orly? It's a computer. It'll break, in novel and interesting ways.


    Keeping customers informed.

    Showing us you care.

    Preventing a dozen threads of "WHY CAN'T I LOGIN" - and the subsequent work for admins in closing/consolidating them