Remembrance Sunday

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    As you may know today is Remembrance Sunday.

    Where we all have a minute of Silence to remember the ones that died and got injured in the World War 1 and 2. These People Went to War to protect us and fight for our country.

    Millions of our soldiers died So that why today we Honor them with poppies and Many others.

  2. :o Poppies! So they do in fact really exist!
  3. I'd also just like to take the chance to add on to the original post. Remembrance Sunday is not just about remembering WWI and WWII, it's about remembering the fallen, and current, in all wars. Both today and in the past.
  4. Indeed
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  5. by "our" you mean from the U.S.A. right?

    P.S. EMC is international(but mostly from US i think) and they are many people on EMC that are not from the U.S. ...including me.
  6. Well, even if not for the U.S., why not remember and honor those who served for your own country anyway? Whether U.S. or U.K., Germany or Djibouti, Azerbaijan or Australia, there is no reason that you can't take time out of any day to honor the brave people who sacrificed so much by their country. :)
  7. thanks! for telling the countries whose soldiers WE will remember/honor...btw i did not read the post...Now i'm figuring that this relates to WWI and WWII ...:oops:hehe:oops:
  8. Same to What Hashhog said its not just USA its To all the other Countries is Well :)
  9. I know that in Canada, I think UK, have Remembrance Day on November 11th. Marks the day of the end of the 1st world war.
  10. UK do indeed :)
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