Rei's Minimap 1.7.2 beta

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  1. So I have been waiting patiently for mods to start updating and I found that ReiFNSK (The author of the Minimap mod), has released a beta release of Rei's Minimap for 1.7.2, via twitter. It is a beta as it does not seem to require modloader or forge to even run. I am posting anew, to avoid necro-bumping the old thread and ask for permission to use the beta until such time that the official build for 1.7.x is released.

    The twitter post is located here.

    And the post translates as (according to babelfish/google translate):
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  2. I didn't repost the link in the translation because of translation errors using babelfish.. xD ..The link can be found on the twitter post though.. :oops:
  3. And I thought this would be a little funny.. xD
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