redstone game

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  1. hey guys i am making a redstone game there are games like the paper scissors rock game that someone made (i cant remember who)so i was wondering which server i should have it on?
  2. may i ask why?
  3. It is the most popular emc server with the richest member on it!
  4. who is the richest member? and can u do me a favour and find me an open res without bad grass
  5. i am sorry but that server is to crammed
  6. wait wouldnt it be justinXD
  7. SMP9 its a new server so u may find a new res with good grass. Btw im not on SMP9
  8. im thinking like smp6 smp7 not to crammed but some people
  9. sure
  10. i took smp9lol
  11. I told u ;)
  12. Do smp5 cuz thats an awesome server!
  13. Pater, you're wrong. It's Dubzy1 with over 1,000,000 million rupees. Yes, you heard that right.
    (and Justin doesn't count :p)
  14. SMP7 is awesome, we got some mods here and an upcoming pyramid of fun, also the game ismooch made will be located here I think.
  15. No smp5 because that server is a bit new but good players to!