Redstone Competitions

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  1. Hello to all of EMC!

    I know there are a lot of redstone mastereminds out there in fact I am one of them I think we should have redstone contests to see who can build the best redstone machines it will make EMC a more popular server Aikar so who is with me?
  2. I am not good at redstone so count me out. Sorry :(
  3. Sounds cool. I wanna try. :D
  4. Yes it is cool I have built lots of redstone contraptions in fact I once built a computer that can actually store physical items as Data couldn't hold a lot of data but it could still store it but unfortunately I can't build it on EMC because it requires command blocks.
  5. You can learn from me I build circuit boards in real life that's why I'm an expert at it.
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  6. sounds interesting
  7. How would it make the Emc server more popular? Lol
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  8. I would also like to know

    Also I love redstone and would be interested in doing this ^_^
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  9. There are lots of redstone masterminds out there looking for stuff like this and I am one of them.
  10. Yes, but How does a redstone comp on Emc, bring more people to emc? Lol
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  11. It's just supposed to be another event to keep people happy. Maybe some people want to participate, that's good for EMC. It probably won't bring anyone new over, but it's just an activity for "redstone masterminds," and it's just a friendly competition
  12. I don't believe you have read it properly- he stated that it would make Emc a more popular server. Obviously I'm asking him how a contest would bring more people to the server
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  13. When it says that EMC has it people would see it then join to try it.
  14. I think he is inferring that this will be shown through YouTube videos, thus people could come across them and find EMC.
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  15. Something like that yes you are right.
  16. Yes, any build competition is good. It would be nice to have an easier way of showcasing our best builds to newer people. For redstone alone, we have some disadvantages on EMC, being 2 versions behind, we can makeup in usability, creativity and fun though.
  17. I agree sure we might be 2 versions behind but we can still make the best of it.
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  18. People will tell their friends about it :)
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  19. Yes that could also be another way people can find out in fact I found emc because I was referred by a friend.
  20. Sure! keep me updated! ;)