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  1. Hey guys I have a favor to ask you all, currently EMC gets a lot of new players thank to Aikar's advertising and such. It would be awesome if when you have some free time you can hop on over to the recommended server and welcome some new players once in a while. :)
    The Recommended server has a star next to it so you can always know which one it is.

    Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 9.03.25 PM.png
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  2. Thanks Samsimx will be on other servers more to Well say Hi just to make sure players stay on longer
  3. It slows down while most people are in school around these times but if you have time today you should welcome some new players!
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  4. I like to welcome people to the server I have my home on. Otherwise you are basically taking a plane to china and welcoming every person who comes to china.

    That is just me.
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  5. but your "china" is still EMC ;)
  6. Well, China would be more like a SMP on the Empire. The world would be EMC ;)
  7. Hehe, i only tend to welcome players when the "carnival" comes to smp3 :p
  8. Having to help two or more new people at once is hard though...
  9. Lots of new players flowing in!
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