Ready for Minecraft 1.2?

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When 1.2 is released will you update immediately?

Yes 2 vote(s) 22.2%
No 7 vote(s) 77.8%
  1. As you all know and we all are anticipating this, that Minecraft has another update that will add more features and more danger to Minecraft! New AI (Artificial Intelligence) mechanics for some mobs, new mobs e.g. ocelots, a new biome, a new tree, and probably more stuff! However as you all know the server engine the EMC platform is running on is Bukkit (all server owners should know about this :p). Bukkit takes awhile to update its API and all of this Java stuff that we shouldn't be concerned about. When Minecraft updates we all want to get the new goodies however our favorite server EMC will be left in the dust because it has to wait for Bukkit to update. I have prepared a little ZIP file that contains Minecraft 1.1 just incase your too excited and "accidentally" updated to Minecraft 1.2. This ZIP file will contain no mods, no texture packs, obviously not my account details, and no saves. However one thing that this does include is a pre-loaded server list that lists all EMC servers. I will release the ZIP file once Minecraft 1.2 update is released and when EMC is still at 1.1.

    Sincerely, thecontroller
  2. My launcher doesnt say theirs an update.
  3. When it comes :p