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  1. One can never have too much Razer stuff... also, Sorry for the quality, bad lighting and I was too lazy to fix the settings on my phone.
  2. Until you buy a Switchblade.
  3. You know what, I was thinking about it. just for poos and giggles
  4. One can never have too many coasters.
  5. Whats wrong with Logitech? xD
  6. Not enough glowing snake logos.
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  7. Well i like my G5.. I know its old, but it can still run out some on the new guys, who btw is way to huge (!!), well thats my opinion xD
  8. I don't mean to be rude, but, what did you just say?
  9. my old G5, is still the best mouse ive ever tried xD

    NOTE: My opinion
  10. oh, okay, in that case you really need to try the new gen of mice.
  11. well.. i have, most of them is too big, after my opinion xD and you cant argue against that a G5 still can keep up, its not like the new mice can do anything this one cant? maybe just some useless buttons.
    But you seem to know more about this than me, so this is just my huble knowledge and experience :D
  12. The things with the new gen of mice is that the sensors are better, more precise and allow for faster movement.

    Razer do mice for all sizes and a lot of the new ones come with detachable sides so you can mix and match it to your hand type.

    as seen here:
  13. Okay, i must thats asome xD
  14. I have a Razer Mamba and That Nostromo. But my computer is by some poopy brand that i don't know about
  15. Whats so special about mice, mine has 3 clicker doo-hickies and a scrolling thing. Works just fine.
  16. ye thats what i was saying to, then i got deathadder and goliath surface.... id go to bed with em if i werent afraid id break em XD