Rassberry Pi 2

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  1. Hello people of the internet. I just got a rassberry pi 2 and upgrades for it like 16gb of space and stuff like that.
    I was wondering if people knew any cool things to do with it?
  2. Depends on what you wish to do with it.
    Loads and loads of potential running this board.
    (media player, projects, etc...)
    First thing I would suggest is to get linux running well with it.
    If you do not know much about linux, definitely look into learning all the basic commands.

    Why not share a few pictures of the board and possibly it running on your screen!

    Get MAME to work on it and play some retro games as a first project... Possibly integrate a wireless controller as well.
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  3. Those look so cool but I don't have one. How much to they cost?
  4. Well the raspberry pi 2 is around 30 USD I think. But you can get upgrades and stuff for it. Like I got a monitor, more memory, keyboard, and mouse for it. Im still waiting for one other part before I will start setting it up and put the case on it. Ill share some pictures of what it looks like this weekend if I can.
  5. Yes, they are fairly inexpensive, and a 'computer on a board' that you can do a load of fun things with.
    I have been spending more time with an arduino board, however have not dived into the pi at length.
    If getting one, there is a bit of a difference between boards, so be sure to get the latest and greatest.
    Nice that you got a few cool things for it!
    Can't wait to see some pics, thanks for the share.
  6. you should go to sleep, you look very tired
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  7. Hmm. What is a raspberry pi 2? A fancy keyboard?
  8. I auctually took that picture during the day lol. But I was tired.
  9. It's a computer, I believe. I've never looked too much into it, though.