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Have you ever played Roblox? Even if it's just once or twice

Yes 15 vote(s) 53.6%
No 13 vote(s) 46.4%
I'm going to 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Now I know what you're thinking "Roblox? Why rant about Roblox?"

    I feel like it's time for me to voice my opinion on the horrible first thoughts that Roblox has! Really, someone says 'Roblox' and everyone instantly thinks about hackers, scammers, spammers, trolls, everything! I haven't heard one good first thought about Roblox. Most people, including me, are even judged for playing the game.

    If you've never played Roblox before, it's kind of like Minecraft in the fact that you can build. But instead, it's more user-run. There's loads of different games, mini-games if you like, that are all user built. Some of them are better then others...

    Most of you probably haven't even played Roblox or even been on the website. But you all just have these bad impressions on it becuase of what you hear from other people.
    Even if you have played it, and you have a legit opinion on it just think for a second.
    What might have changed since you last played?
    Is anything new?

    Did I make any friends...?
    That's the big question.

    Roblox was the first online community I ever joined back in 2011. It welcomed me into the world of online gaming. I have to admit that Roblox isn't as good as it was back then. The community has more trolls then ever.
    But Roblox is sorta like YouTube. There's a good side, and a bad side.
    When you join, you either go onto a game and find the good side, or the bad side. Depending on which side you find will determine whether you have a good time or not.
    I felt quite... alone when I first joined. Everybody talking with each other while I sat at spawn trying to take in my surroundings. I started off like any other 11-ish year old "Anyone want to be friends?"
    Unfortunately for me, the big bad side answered my question with a massive no and a small name calling session. That's what stops most people and that's what they base their opinion from.

    Nobody gets to see the right things!
    Yeah there's a few bumps in the road but you just need to take a second to see that the bumps aren't really that big after all!

    Everybody needs to just hop onto Roblox and join me and take a walk around the good side of the game with me.
    Just make a quick account, tell me your name and join me on a little quest around Roblox...

    If I change even one person's opinion, that's a big achievement for me

    I know I've gone a little off track sometimes in this 'small' post, and I know it's long, but I have really strong opinions about this.

    Thanks for reading, it means alot

    Edit - http://www.roblox.com/User.aspx?ID=18647104
    My profile if anyone wants to go on that little walk with me...
  2. Problem is, I tried playing it with my friend, we just played on a LAN server, and we couldn't do anything :( This is basically our chat log.

    "How do you place stuff?
    This is really laggy, I think my computer may have crashed....
    How Do You Place Stuff??
    Where are the controls?
    This is like Minecraft but with a 10X10 Surface area almost...
    HOW THE HELL DO YOU FREAKING PLACE A BLOCK!?!?!?!??????!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
    *Both Quit, which takes about 10 Minutes*"

    Soooooo..... Yeah.......
    Later, at Summer School (Not remedial, gifted, just want to say that so you don't think we're stupid or something :p) We met some guy who really liked Roblox. And we kiiiinndaaa had an argument about weather Roblox is better than Minecraft. "Does Roblox have biomes?" and he replied (To every question we asked that we thought Roblox might not have that minecraft did) "It doesn't by default, but you can turn it on"
    So uh..... debate?
  3. ..Lan Servers?
    On Roblox?
  4. well, on our own server or something :p
  5. Probably his own game
    How laggy the game is depends on what you put in the game
    The better creators put in some lag stopping blocks that help things out alot

    Edit: That little tour of mine is still open
  6. It's literally a house in the middle of nowhere
  7. Yeah, his game
    The house used to be the default game for new players (Everyone has a game they can create)

    ..But really if you want to come on Roblox with me I'm on a really fun game now e.e
  8. Tried it once, my player kept glitching when I tried to put its clothes on and then I couldn't find a decent place to go to or how to get there at first and then it took forever to load so I said no thanks.
  9. I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a bad experience with the game, personally I loved it back in 08, and 09 those were the best years for me on there. Once then game started to get more popular a lot of noobs came, and devoloped into trolls, and scammers. I joined back in 2007 when it was really small compared to now and I made a lot of friends on there, and learned some things. It was a good envorment I'd say back then but it has slowly lost my own interst and the people are so fresh.. I will pop in and say hi to a lot of my old friends but the hard thing is that they still get mobbed with fans.. since a majority of the friends I had made somwhat successful places back in the day. Some of my favorite places that are still up are the following:

    Very fond memories, and some friendships I made but only stay in contact with 1 off of the site on xbox.
  10. I began roblox a while back, and I agree, it was definitely better back then. But I still definitely enjoy it, and I have met a bunch of people on there.
  11. Yes,
    I'll admit I enjoy roblox. (Bet you can't guess who I am Alice...)
    Anyways, another thing is most people say roblox is "childish."
    Roblox is in the very least NOT childish.
    There are many options you can play the decent games which are quite fun and enjoyable.
    You can build models in studio.
    Or my favorite actually script something in studio.
    But back in 09 when I joined I'll admit I played a lot of lame games... (They were still fun but you know...)
  12. I like playing Roblox but I like sticking to myself due to trolls and all that.
  13. I actually play ROBLOX, only play 1 game ( deception infection ) and the Event games just to get the new items.
    EDIT: It was so much better back in the day. I am on my 3rd account thanks to hackers.
  14. They blatantly rip off other games. They even stole TF2's sticky bomb launcher, changed ONE color on it, and did nothing else.
  15. I never found trolls on there, but I played back then...until I found better games...
  16. Is it alright to not rip off other games? Tons of games do it!
  17. But normally when other games rip off games they at least change most of something.
    However in roblox there is always a game or two on the front page title: "Minecraft! Build and Fight!"
  18. Nah dats the fake alice...