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Do you think looting should affect special EMC drops?

Yes! Bacon is wonderful! 19 vote(s) 73.1%
No... I don't like bacon. 13 vote(s) 50.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Recently, Aikar made looting affect custom EMC drops, which included mob heads, and I personally think the mob heads shouldn't be affected by Looting. I've been getting stacks and stacks of various heads so quickly, and so have others. I personally don't like the looting on any of the special EMC items. Like the Momentuses Toothpick and Marlix Armor. I think the chances to get those nice items should be rarer than they were before looting effected the drops.

    Basically, the mob heads have been dropping too much and they should be a rare item for players to collect, not to hoard. I can easily get a stack of heads within 15-30 minutes no problem... It used to take a few days to do that, which made them rarer. The looting is making prices lower on the special EMC drops.

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  2. Also, I messed up on the poll above, maybe a moderator could fix that for me? :)
  3. Looting has definitely ruined it... magma cube heads used to cost 10k same for ghast... now I see them 5k each or less sometimes. I won't complain because I myself abuse the looting, but you get the point :)
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  4. I abuse it myself, because it could change at any point. Better safe than sorry.
  5. Bump.
  6. I totally agree. I used to actually have to hunt mobs to get heads for a fair while. In a few minutes I had about 5 heads that otherwise would have taken at least a few days to get. I think the looting should work for dragon stone fragments and all over mob drops (apart from the EMC special items and heads) only - I found without looting that the drop rate of fragments was really bad (at least for me).

    But yes, I agree that too many people going out with looting swords are going to completely ruin the economy. Blaze Heads were going for 50r yesterday. Crazy stuff!
  7. On average i get 2 zombie, 2 skeleton and 2 creeper heads every night. Mob heads souldnt be affected by looting
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  8. Exactly, these mob heads are supposed to be rare, not something to hoard or sell for INCREDIBLY low prices.
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  9. lol seriously? kk I'm gonna head out with a looting III sword and work on covering my entire res with heads! :p
  10. You didn't know about the looting?
  11. Please take note that the Looting enchantment is getting nerfed in 1.8.

    before 1.8:
    Increases chance of rare drops by +0,5% per level (i.e., 3% at level I, 3,5% at level II, and 4% at level III)

    Update 1.8 / snapshot 14w04b:
    Looting now gives 1% chance of rare loot per level

    That's already a 1% nerf on looting (3% total instead of 4%).
    But yes, I agree mob heads should be more rare.
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  12. Yeah I did, but I didn't think 4% would make that much of a difference.
  13. I see it will be getting nerfed, but the drop rate itself with I, II, or III shouldn't effect the mob head drop rate.
  14. I wouldn't mind if the droprate would be nerfed with 50% or so.
    I mean, it's fairly easy to get any kind of mobhead now. However, I don't think it will make a huge difference if looting is still effecting the mobhead-drops, especially if they would get 50%nerfed anyway :)
  15. I disagree. I think this change gives players that don't normally engage in combat a chance to get a special item. It encourages them to go out into the wild or waste more. Complaining about not being able to get as much money for an item is greed, pure and simple. When villagers and ocelots first came out, folks were charging a few hundred for an egg. Once enough eggs got into circulation the price dropped enough that they were available to the poorer players. It's the same with these heads. They're no longer a "new item". Being able to charge high prices for these really should be temporary. This change has prevented exploitation and the "get rich quick" schemes of those that farmed so many of these. If you don't like the sheer quantity you're getting, why are you continuing to farm them? This is just about being upset about not being able to charge ridiculously high prices. I have a nearly complete head collection and I didn't buy a single one. I've even given away mob heads to friends because I have extra. Not because I want to turn a big profit, but because they're just a nice little decoration item or mask to goof around with... nothing more.

  16. I semi-agree with Torian. I don't think we should be looking at the value side of them, as he said they're just a decoration or fun mask :)
  17. Funny how you waited until now to complain, After you saved up stacks of heads.. hey let's make them more rare for everyone else :).
    Even though I both buy and sell heads, I am glad Looting III helps anyone get more loot.
    Maybe the drop rate is too high, but Looting III should still help as compared to no enchant.
  18. Just because looting effects it doesn't mean everybody has a looting sword. Just saying.
  19. IDEA:
    EMC removes the Looting effect if Mojang brings back that Iron Farm nerf