R0bbieJo Is Finally Back

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  1. I wanted to say Hi to each and every one of you who have flooded my emails with thoughts and good wishes for my family. :)
    You all mean the world to me! I am now moved into a beautiful new home and our Internet is now on. I have an amazing Fiber Optic network and I can't wait to see how awesome the Empire is on it....
    I will be catching up with some players about our Smp4 project and I will be moving MANY chests of materials I have not taken from Utopia yet...lol
    I have so much work to do! lol
    As you all know SMP4 is my home. It is my family and it is where our entire experience with MineCraft has been. We play on other servers but HOME is on Smp4.... so IMAGINE my shock and heartbreak when I come back from a few months of rest to see my VERY OWN kids..... PERM BANNED.....
    I am proud of each of you that have stayed true and played fair in my absence. You will see much in the way of rewards for it in the near future.... BUT to those of you who fell..... I am so very disappointed.... but you will have no place in the Paradise we are creating on any account. If it is you... you are fired!
    Yes I brought this public for a reason.... EMC is my home.... it is the family that has brought my family through a very tough time in real life... we are indebted to The Empire for life... and you treated it like crap.... so I am not happy!
    If I could stand and applaud all of my kids I would... and I would scold those of you who deserve it....
    SHAME On You!

    Now lets have fun.... :)
  2. Woot!
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  3. Welcome back R0bbieJo!

    Whoa... Doing CTRL + 1 makes your text large.

    Also Fiber Optic Network? I'm jelly now.
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  4. Hey you... Nice to see you! I will be logging in on smp4 in about 5 minutes.. I can't wait to test it at Cadgamer's..... :)
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  5. YAY Welcome Back XD R0bbieJo Missed You :)
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  6. Lessgo!
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  7. Welcome Back it'll be great seeing you roun SMP4 once again :)
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  8. Welcome back! Your project on smp4 sounds amazing from what I read, I'll have to check it out soon.
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  9. Is everyone copying and Pasting her username?

    It's because we don't know if the 2nd O/0 is a 0 or an o.
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  10. First one is a zero and second is the letter O :)
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  11. Welcome back Mrs.R0bbiejoe
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  12. Welcome back! While you were gone I took over the tomato world and now rule over it :p
  13. Ruled by a glass of tomato juice.... Now that is funny! LOL :D
  14. Welcome back Wobbie.

    Im sorry for what I did :(
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  15. You have made me cry....:(
  16. Though I never had the honor to meet up with you in game. I know you mean a lot to the empire and we are glad to have you back!
  17. Welcome back! :D
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  18. I miss you too :(
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  19. I will be looking for you... :)
    I do hope you found your shorts! LOL
    I am on Smp4, Smp8 and Utopia... the others only see me if they have trouble... or I have been kidnapped... but you know.... lol
  20. I'll see you on Utopia. That's about it though. Give me a visit if you have the chance? SMP3
    Welcome back to the Empire. You're return just made the Empire a better place.
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