R.I.S.E. Industries

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  1. Hey guys!

    My friend Davinchicken and I have started a business we call RISE Industries. Instead of having a overpriced, always out of stock shop that sells a bunch of things, we have endeavored into selling just a few things for very low prices. Another benefit of selling just a few things is that we can stay in stock much easier. Keep in mind that this is the beginning of the business so we will be adjusting by the communities input. Please comment what you like or don't like about the shop below :) (again please note the shop is just starting out and we will stock much more items as time goes on). Please contact me for any bulk ordering because it might be a pain to wait for the hoppers to refill the chests.

    You can visit the shop by /v +rise on smp5.

    Current items for sale:
    Ice: Buy 32 for 48 rupees, or 1728 for 2485 rupees.
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  3. oooooh! put me in for a stack of ice!
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