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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by FDNY21, Jan 24, 2014.

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  1. Hey guys, so I have a quick question for any of you guys with dragon eggs/tried this in EMC.

    So I know that dragon eggs break into an item to pick up when you try to move them with a piston. In EMC however, do they break onto the floor when a piston moves them, or do they go into your inventory? Or do they even move with the piston in EMC? Supposing the eggs here may have different mechanics to SP...

    Anyways, thanks in advance for the help :p -Fendinator
  2. Pistons will give you the item, and you have to pick it up.
    However with the eggs on EMC all you have to do is click them, left or right click, to put them in your inventory.
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  3. You can right or left click the egg and it will go into your inventory. Only the owner of the residence it's on can do this.
    Edit: Ninja'd :p
  4. I know diz.. but pistonz on chur res is the question.. ;-;
  5. I haven't tried that before but it should work. :)
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  6. Just going to sum up my question here :p
    If you use a piston to break a dragon egg on your res in EMC rather than left or right click it, how does it drop?
  7. As an item, just like normal.
  8. Would it even drop? I noticed the dragon eggs on EMC don't hold gravity; doesn't that mean pistons would simply push them?
  9. If i ever get a dragon egg, to move it drop it on a torch
  10. i will go test....

    Edit: It drops like a normal item when pushed by a piston.
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  11. Before

    Sorry didnt feel like going back and re-cropping both of them.
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  12. Ah my post feels ignored.
    In your guys' defense, my ethos on this subject isn't so well known I suppose.
    I have an egg too guys :p now you know
    So yes. Pistons work. Clicking on it is the easier way EMC has so graciously supplied us with. :)
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  13. Thanks to everyone who replied, and to the two quoted above for testing! :)
    It is the easier way, yes, but I wanted to make a redstone contraption that has for example a grass block, which when you press a button, the grass block goes underground and another piston pushes the egg to the side onto that piston, and pushes it up where the grass block was :p Kind of confusing, but it is not possible anyways.

    Thanks to everyone who replied again :D
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