[quick] "Following" people?

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  1. So I am curious what following someone means? Is it more like 'friend-ing' someone? Is there a way to turn on any alerts such as 'posted a thread' or 'changed status'

    Edit: Answered, For anyone else wondering:
  2. I guess it could be compared to things like "friending" but it does not give any extra alerts. All it does is give you the potential of limiting personal details posts and alike to only people you follow. Otherwise, I view it as just another way to see how much a person uses the forums.
  3. Ok, thanks for the information!
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  5. omgsh Thank You! That is exactly what I was looking for! :) Is this mentioned in the wiki?
    Also, should i suggest that there be a button for this next to inbox and alerts, or has it been done?
  6. Probably not, it's something nearly no one uses, like the recent activity feed.
    I could probably add it somewhere on the Site page (if it's not there), but I've decided to take all the ideas this week and spend the weekend actually putting them there, so wouldn't be immediate.
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  7. It has, yeah. If you hover your mouse over your name (in the upper right corner) then you'll notice that a menu pops open. On the top it shows your avatar, name, comments and has a link "go to your profile page".

    Below that are several options which you can click, amongst which "go to your news feed" (right column of options, at the top).

    I also strongly suggest to check the other menu options because they might provide you with settings you may like to change. For example: don't like your e-mail box filling up with several alerts from EMC? You can turn that off right here. Are you worried about your privacy and what people can see the information on your profile? Not a problem: check your privacy settings here. It can even go as far as dis-allowing people from sending you a private message ("start a conversation") and limit this to followers only.

    Its one of the reasons why the forum software being used ("XenForo") is such a popular system; because of its massive options and flexibility.
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