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  1. Alright late last December my friend gave me a gold supporter voucher which i used to get a res on the Utopia server. A few months have gone by and i don't need one their, but i want to get another one on another smp6. The plain is to move what i have built now, to that res. There one problem, i'm no longer gold. My question is if i un-claim my utopia res, will i still be able to claim a res somewhere else? I don't think it works that way, which is way i'm asking the community.

    Any and all help will be appreciated.

  2. No. You permanently keep the res you have in utopia, but if you unclaim it, the res limit goes back to 1.
  3. And extra, you can't move the build.
    As faaaaaaar as I know.
  4. Okay thanks Choongjae. Also golddigger221, can't u pay a moderator or Senior staff (might be both or just one) 50k to move a res to another res on the same server.
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  6. You can, with 100k to senior staff :)
  7. .... I'll start store my items at a friends res, unclaim, claim new res and rebuild. I don't think i'll get 100k any time soon, but thanks for the nick5013. Also is it possible to close this forum, i got i'll the help i needed plus more.

    Thanks for the help everyone!