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Which one do you like better?

Ham Hacker 5 vote(s) 62.5%
Turkey Slicer 3 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. So, Yesterday, I was fighting a guy in the pvp arenas. He had prot 4 armor with a good bow(Power 5, some punch too). However, I had prot 4 armor with the 100k promo bow item, Sharpshooter(Power 7).
    In the end, he killed me somehow. Lets go over evidence.
    1. He wasn't using gapples
    2. I hit him with Sharpshooter like 10 times in a row, but he didn't die.
    He also mentioned that Sharpshooter was doing no damage.
    I also tested it on my friend, Gage, but he said it was doing 1-1/2 hearts of damage(he had good armor too)
    How is this possible? :eek:
  2. ?
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  3. Oh look, something I'm good at! Let's see...

    Ah, one of the classic examples of "why couldn't I kill him!?" People say that about me a lot... usually their answer is my gear, or hacks. It's never that I'm better than them... nvm, I'm getting off topic. I have a few ideas.
    • Getting consecutive hits does not guarantee you a kill. [Definitely]
      • Players regenerate their health (either naturally or unnaturally)
      • The shots probably weren't powerful enough to kill.
    • He was lying about the Sharpshooter doing no damage [Definitely]
      • Everything does damage, even if it doesn't appear like it does. Player health is measured in percentages (0%-100%), not fractions (X/20).
    • His armor was Projectile Protection, not Protection. [Unlikely]
      • Nothing you said rules out the possibility that he was using projectile protection armor and lying about it.
    • He was using potions/gapples. [Unlikely]
      • Same as above; your saying it doesn't make it true.
    • Or, the more likely possibility: he's just better than you. [Likely]
      • It doesn't matter how many shots you hit if the other guy hits more.
  4. ReptilianCat there was suggesting that he was hacking.

    As for the poll, the Ham Hacker is better according to stats. However, I prefer the Turkey Slicer purely because it's a sword, and swords look a lot better. That being said, I would never use either of those, because 1) you can't name a sword, and 2) both of those items have knockback. I dislike knockback.
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  5. For the first point I quoted, Gage doesn't lie hopefully :p
    And the second point, I guess that could be partially true. My mouse has been so annoying this month.

    The only question I had was the damage stuff.
  6. God apples sound like a reasonable reason why you couldn't do damage.
  7. Ok.
    He probably used a regen pot/gapple before entering the arena.
    Flame bows deal SO much more damage due to the fire ignoring armor (Excluding fire protection armor)
    The no-damage sharpshooter is probably a lie. He probably ate a gapple before entering the arena.
    Or he is just better than you.
    All stated above.
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