QUESTION: login glitch?

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  1. My question is simple, (and appologies before hand if this has been answered already, I couldnt find anything on it easily so I made this thread):

    When logging in today, I spawned nowhere near where I was when I logged out. I was in a deep mine at about lvl 11 mining for diamonds, logged out, came back a little while later and I was sitting at the bottom of the sea at about lvl45-50.... if I hadnt emmediatly hit space bar to swim to the surface I would have drowned seconds after logging in. I didn't think much of it, until it happened again, 10 minutes later, and again a little while after that on my res. I was in the basement of my 11 story mall when I logged out, when I logged back in I was on the roof.. I'm not going to count how many blocks away that was, so let me put it this way: I was below the dirt level on the res when I logged out, and when I logged back in I was at what USED to be the vertical limit before the 1.2 update, so it was NOWHERE NEAR where I was when I logged out.

    All in all this happened three times today in the span of around an hour. Ive NEVER had this happen before, and I've logged some decent time on EMC, which leads me to believe this is kinda a new problem. Hopefully someone reads this that can either tell me how to avoid this in the future or by someone who can locate and fix the issue, cause I'm pretty sure that is NOT supposed to happen.
  2. It's the "security" thingy for minecraft. It looks that you cant somehow die inside the cave. So i would suggest digging 3 high roof. As 2 high roof makes you teleport up.
  3. It also happens with 3 high :/ Common glitch.
  4. Happened to me too.Mining for diamonds.Yay!12 diamonds!(Logs out and back in ) Im about 35 blocks under the sea :D.Dies painfully.
  5. Yes, thats not the case, in all instances i was in an area away from walls with no blocks above me closer than 3-4 blocks. My floors in my mall are

    5 blocks of space.
  6. I would like to thank you for posting "common glitch" but with nothing to follow.... :mad: tips on how to avoid this or links to other threads that discuss this... you know, anything usefull. Which was pretty much the entire reason I posted the thread...
  7. Sorry they really messed up the "safe spawning" in MC 1.2 :(
  8. does anyone know a more "sweet spot" height that makes it occur alot less?

    In the tunnels to my private colony I experience this issue quite alot :/ and with the nether having some bug that causes it to memory leak bad and use tons of resources, crashes and lag outs are common..
    I had it happen at least 5 times in 2 days.

    If i can dig the tunnels to be 5 high or so to reduce it ill do it... but really dont want to make them wider and deal with pigmen ><
  9. Pigmen spawn in my 1x2 nether tunnels, I just run through them.
  10. Oh ahaha sorry, I just have a ladder that goes straight back down :)
  11. Hmmmm, so I guess there is no way to prevent/avoid this then?