[QUESTION] Is this Stealing?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Seanawesome14, Sep 12, 2015.

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  1. If I transform an Enraged Guardian to a Villager, some people start attacking it, I tell them to stop, and they completely kill it, is it stealing?
  2. This is meant for staff to answer btw.
  3. Assuming you're in the wild at the event, every mob is 'in play' and any player can attack or deal damage to any mob.
  4. If it's meant for staff, I recommend PMing staff.
  5. I said staff Deathconn. I'd rather you not continue to respond.
  6. Well I didn't actually ask Aikar this question. So you wanna stop being the person that's negative on all of my posts? Thanks :I
  7. umm... he's not being negative... more just helping out so staff might auctually see this, if u didnt want normal players responding, u should have messaged staff
  8. Maybe if you stopped bossing people around and PM staff, you might get an answer. And if you don't want people to post in your thread, again PM staff.
  9. Due to the annoyance of other players I'm requesting a closing.
  10. Ya lol 'other players'. In short its not stealing its whining.
  11. I can tell you for a fact it isn't stealing. When your fighting an enraged guardian your objective is to kill it not to eggify it. It is fair game if someone kills it it isn't stealing it is just killing a mob. You can't "Claim" These mobs since they aren't like a horse or obviously a resident. So no it isn't stealing.

    Telling a player to stop responding to thread is in some cases rude he was giving you advice on what you COULDV'E done in the circumstance

    I see no negativity here he is just stating facts and is just telling you that he might have "heard" you having a discussion about this topic. He is only stating the facts.

    Only person i find annoying is you currently calling people negative telling them to get out of the thread that is open to all players hmmm. Im sorry that you find the community annoying.
  12. This is so lame. You post a thread on a forum, and criticize people for answering, even though they're trying to help you?
  13. <--- not staff, not stealing. Kthnxbye
  14. Simple and short. How handy! maybe he will understand this
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  15. Especially if you are in a group situation it is not considered stealing. it might be considered Greifing.
    If you wana do something like that I suggest you do it alone. Especially don't do it at an event. that is the worst place to get a special mob such as that.
    Please, Next time you have a question like this, message one of the staff, such as I.
  16. Also: guys.. Please be respectful of each other.
  17. The logic (or shall I say the lack of) in this thread saddens me.
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  18. I think it would be considered stealing if someone sneaks it off a town res, and eggifys it, then it is stealing.
    Otherwise, people kill what they see in the wild, whether or not it looks like it is going to kill them.
    Since it is dangerous, I wouldn't be surprised if it is killed to protect the player.

    So my conclusion is if it is in the wild, it is fair game.
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  19. Pretty much everyone at the Death Event had no idea you were attempting to effigy an Enraged Villager. Even if they DID know that's what you were trying to do, it would still NOT be considered stealing. If you were perhaps at a farm of sorts, and you were waiting for an Enraged to be transformed, and someone either eggs it before you or kills it; this would STILL not be considered stealing.
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