[Question] EMC Custom Mobs

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  1. I tried to find the answer to this in the wiki but could not see it. My question is about EMCs custom mobs. (Enraged, event mobs, etc.) How are they spawned in? I've seen it posted that they have a chance to replace a normal mob but is that determination made before anything is spawned in or will an already spawned in mob potentially change into a custom mob? Basically are custom mobs spawned in by normal means or replacing an already spawned in mob.

    I've never seen a custom mob spawn in front of my so thats why I am asking :D
  2. A custom mob take the place of a normal mob spawn. Normal mobs will not become special.
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  3. So this chance to become a custom mob takes place before spawn?
  4. Yes. If something is going to be custom, it will happen at the time it spawns.
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  5. Ok cool. Thanks :)
  6. Aikar uses his magic to spawn them. Simple as that. :p
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