[Question] Cold Netherhounds?

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  1. Why are netherhounds, when spawned via egg in town not on fire?
  2. They were obtainable by a problem with the Netherhound coding. They were never coded to be on fire in town. I would guess that is why they are not on fire in town, but because they have the code for fire in the nether, I would expect that they would be on fire again if you spawned them there.
  3. Aw that sucks, you think Aikar would ever change it?
  4. Never, is my guess. They were never meant to be obtainable.
  5. you could only obtain them for about 3 days before it was corrected thus why they are worth what they are
  6. But they wouldn't be so rare if basically everybody went out and picked up every single nether hound with ink 1 k blocks.
    But I guess not a lot of people knew.
  7. most of the ones in circulation right now came from one of three people who hoarded a bunch so yeah i would say it was kept pretty hush hush
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  8. You mean one in two people.
    I'm still hoarding my 54 >: D
    And yes, I was the one who originally discovered this bug.
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