[QUESTION] Black Ops 3 or Fallout 4?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by RyugaXI, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. I'm really excited for both games. They both feature a lot of new stuff than their previous game, and both amazed me at E3. (Or in the trailers they released) However, I only have enough $$$ to buy one. So overall, which one should I get?
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  2. I am personally more interested by BO3, because of the Nazi zombies.
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  3. Wait, there're Nazi Zombies? Give me a revamped version of Nacht Der Untoten and it's a sure-buy from me. =P
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  4. Black Ops 3. Zombies is bae. So is mystery box. Mystery box is also bae
  5. Well, I am assuming there are Nazi zombies again, because in the trailer they released the zombies looked exactly like Nazi zombies.
  6. I just hope BOPs 3 isn't like AW.. From the trailer it really looked like it was going to..
  7. All I care about is zombies, and the zombies look like old times..
  8. True. I don't care to much about the campaign at all.. I legit never beat a campaign for fps games(Except for MW2 and MW3). Same with the normal multiplayer. Zombies is bae. But I hope they use modern technology like they did for Tranzit.
  9. BO3 looks beast atm. If your are in for multiplayer check the following channels out: Tmartn AliA Prestiegeiskey Those are the 3 big multiplayer uploaders atm. There are others uploading it, but those are the "big three"
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  10. BO3 I'd say, because there's a Bow & Arrow coming to it
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  11. I cant believe this is even an argument... with the way the COD series has gone I wouldn't even buy BO3 if you had money for both! Fallout 4 and the series looks AMAZING so +1 to that
  12. Fallout 4. This really shouldn't be a decision to make. The COD games have gone down the pooper in the past few years and have just felt like the same thing they're churning out each year to make money. Whereas fallout.... they are all great and the latest one has had years of work put into it unlike COD.
  13. CoD is garbage now. I'm mildly interested to see World at War 2 but Fallout 4 is the only answer.
  14. Just re-release World at war and modern warfare 2 and your franchise gets 60% of its fanbase back!
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  15. Activision recently stated that they are seriously thinking of remastering a COD game. They just have to find the right studio and time to do it.

    See here.
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  16. Hmm Black Ops III because I must stay loyal to the first video game I ever played { Black Ops II }
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  17. Black Ops 3. Part of my favorite series (Black Ops) and the sequel to the sequel of my favorite game, Black Ops 1. I hate how people complain about Advanced Warfare. First you said that COD is the same thing every year. They change and it boo hoo you can't handle it. It's almost like AW requires skill to play. *Scratches head* No wonder the COD community doesn't like it.
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  18. BO3, I love the call of duty series because I am a semi-competitive player. The multiplayer of most of the CoD games are fantastic. The way my team and I play makes the game even more interesting. Fallout 4 will probably have a better story but CoD will have multiplayer which adds replay value in my opinion. Honestly though, I would suggest Dark Souls one or two, both are great games and the price has come down to where you can probably get both ;P
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  19. Is this even a question? Fallout 4. That game has had at least 5-7 years of development, with at least 2-4 years of an entire studio's resources being poured into it. Fallout games are fantastic, too - and aren't released every year (biggest gap in between main installments is about 10 years).

    Black Ops III is part of the CoD series, which is terrible. The nobfaces at Activision should not be taught that its okay to pump out the same thing every 12 months, nor should they profit from it. BO3 is just another run of the mill, boring and bland first person shooter with a max amount of development time of 9-6 months with little thought being put into it at all.
    If you want an FPS that requires skill to play, go play Quake or wait for the new DOOM. CoD is aimed at casual gaming 12 year old children.
    What a terrible introduction to gaming... :oops: