PS3 Borderlands

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by nerone94, May 13, 2012.

  1. So Im playing with this guy (Im a complete noob at this game, btw. Just bought it) And he is a retard berzerker who picks up every single gun. So I'm like, ok well I can buy my rares from the shop then. So we are working on the Sledge quest line, about to make it to the mine entrance and he starts taking damage. So I whip out one of my expendable guns, and start shooting him to heal him (I'm support/medic). He gets pissed off for no reason, and kicks me from the game. /facepalm

    anyone play?
  2. I was about to come on here and say that minecraft is on XBOX360 not PS3.. but then I read the thread.
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  3. I love Borderlands, but I have it on Xbox 360 and my disc is broken otherwise I would definitely play with you :(
  4. I have it for pc, and will be getting borderlands 2 on pc also.
  5. I may get it for pc now that I have a compute that can run it :p