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  1. Hi,

    So when talking with facu12301 about Black Ops 2 and PS3 I came with the idea of a clan just to play online or zombies. Maybe some private matchs too.

    To join the clan just ask on here :)

    Layout of players - Minecraft Username - PS3 Username - Type of class (Light, sniper etc)
    nfell2009 - Xx-FISHKID-xX - Light gunner
    facu12301 - nicofacu - Snipers
    redwing2000 - bugrad94 - Sub machine gun/Assault rifles/Shotgun
    RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66 - M1470258 - sniper/sub machine
    yankees518 - Ifsolon - Sniper/Shotgun/LMG/SMG/Assault

    To Join:
    Just post:
    PS3 Name - Type of class/classes

    Clan tag:

    Any questions just ask!
  2. does it have to be for 1 console? i play on my PC :p
  3. Im just going to bump it because im awesome
  4. Hey nfell2009 edit the post here it is the info:
    username: nicofacu
    class: snipers!!
  5. I would love to join but i have xbox and i'm already in a clan :p
  6. I suck at multiplayer on black ops II (I actually don't really try) better at zombies than multiplayer.
    username: bugrad94 (also the name of my 2nd alt)
    class: sub machine gun/assault rifles/shotgun (Good with the PDW-57)
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  7. We can also join grief mode that icc suggested. A question: how many ppl do we need nfell?
  8. Can i join i used to be a elite quickscoping clan. And love playing zombies :D
  9. You could join my ps3 black ops 2 clan. But you have to have a 3.23 kd or higher. and we only play domination :)
  10. Domination is fine with me, i am mainly a SnD person. But also is it a Call of Duty Elite clan because i only do real clans.
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  11. M1470258 - sniper/sub machine
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  12. 4. But Fellyboy will be playing if they have that comp, he has his own PS3.
  13. Just 4? I think we need almost 8
  14. so am i in?
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  15. i want to enter this team, best round in tranzit solo was of 22
  16. so our clan tag is EMC right?
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  17. I think that You are in but nfell2009 has to accept thought. Dont worry You will be in.
    very good! Althought The objective of tranzit is not to survive a lot of rounds You will be in. We need good zombie killers!
    yeah emc
  18. Just going to bump it because I am awesome :)
  19. I want to kill electro guy so many times and also to beat my record :)
  20. k sweet, i lost black ops 2 but im getting it in like 3 days again. :)