Promo - Halloween 2015 - Headless Horseman Gear

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  1. Headless Horseman Mask and Axe for sale!
  2. Please follow this template, and read the auctions rules so you know exactly what you should do :D

    Item: _________
    Starting Bid: _________
    Minimum Bid Increment: ________
    Auction Ending Time: _________
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  3. Sorry, never done an auction before xD

    Item: Headless Horseman Gear
    Starting Bid: 15k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 2.5k (Is that too much?)
    Auction Ending Time: 31st November
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  4. 22.5k yeah generally that is too much. unless you are doing something like a dragon egg I guess :p
  5. Okay then, maximum bid increment is now at 500r
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  6. 1st December* 1 PM EMC time!
    There will be a access chest at my res
    Sorry for the confusion, my first auction xD
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  7. You may not change your "Minimum bid increment" once someone has bidded, nor change the ending time.
  8. yes he can lol. also, the end time wasn't a real time, check your calendar :p the minimum bid increment is fine at 500 ;-)
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  9. Still can't change the bid increment.
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  10. You may not change any details of your auction after it begins. There is one exception to this rule: you may lower your auctions starting price as long as no one has bid yet.
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  11. Can I stop the auction and start it again? :p
  12. Nope actually just checked the rules, no where does it say that you can't change the minimum bid increment.
  13. Then you maybe need to read them again.

    You may hold a maximum of 1 auction at a time in the Community Auctions section.
    • You may hold a maximum of 5 auctions at a time in the Supporter Auctions section.
    • You may use alt accounts to hold additional auctions. However, you must bump the auction using the account that created them - your main account, or any other player may not bump your auction. You may not use alts to bid on your own auction.
    • You must post full details of your auction in the OP. If you forget any detail, use the report button to alert the staff team. Include the missing information in the report reason.
    • You may not change any details of your auction after it begins. There is one exception to this rule: you may lower your auctions starting price as long as no one has bid yet.
    • Even if you're unhappy with the price that someone wins your auction, you must still give them the items for that price.
    • You may only create auctions where rupees are used to bid. Items cannot be used to bid.
    • You may not include "bonus items" as a reward to the auction winner.
    • You must provide a secure pickup location in the Town world for the auction winner to collect your items. We recommend you use [ACCESS] signs to do this. You may offer delivery.
    • You may not offer a "buy it now" price.
    • You may not have a "reserve price".
    • You may not end an auction before the posted ending time.
    • You may bump, at earliest, 3 hours after the last post. This three hour timer is based on the last post by any player.
    • You may not specify a maximum bid increment. These lead to confusing posts and, due to the actions of some, this privilege has been removed for all.
    • An auction that receives no valid bids within 7 days of starting is considered closed automatically.
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  14. You can't change anything once somebody has bid, if nobody has bid you are allowed to change the minimum bid increment. It's in the rules for sure ;)
  15. Ok guys let me clear this all up to eliminate confusion, the auction, as it stands right now, is at:

    Headless Horseman Gear
    Current bid: 22.5k
    Minimum bid increment : 2.5k
    The auction ends on December 1st
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  16. 35k
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  17. You can't bid lower than an already existing bid :p
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