[Project] The Lands of Caskaria

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  1. The Lands of Caskaria is an adventure map that I am working on creating. It's RPG based with custom villagers, quests, rare items, currency, and bosses. The greatest part about the map is the amazing builds put into it, like this for instance:

    Now I've only been working on the command blocks, quest lines, side quests, and builds for about a month now. But I thought that the project would be at a stage where it's shareable to all of you. It's just something to pass the time with when I'm bored working on my projects on EMC. Now currently I'm finishing up the first city (Still a bit to go but hopefully I'll make it picture ready within the next week or so).

    Telas, The Dragon's Nest; this first city is where you'll spawn after the tutorial, and there are probably a dozen side quests as well as the start of the main quest line. In the region itself there are a few dozen places like landmarks, dungeons, and treasure troves. The city's history is rather unique in the fact that it used to be the nest of a mother dragon and her two drakes. However when King Tirbel the II invaded the nest he cut down the mother and the children fled, leaving them a place to call home.


    This thread is mainly for me to talk about this project without having to spam my status messages so feel free to talk about or ask questions or even suggest ideas! Anything related to this build is welcomed. Thanks for reading I'll keep ya posted. ^.^
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  2. Welcome to Telas. The first room of the underground nest. In the first room there's a dozen houses, 2 shops, a traveling merchant, and 2 royal families. Just something to show. :)

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  3. Looks nice!
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  4. The Hashed Hogg, the only watering hole in Telas and as such it's the busiest building in the city. Resting it's hashed head in The Scorched Nest (Nest Number One) it breaks through 14 barrels per night and 35 on average during a Moon Day (Sunday). It's owner, Hogg, is considered one of the wealthiest people in Telas. (Please tell me someone will get this :p)

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  5. After the workers slaved for hours the king surprised them with a second nest. Now many of the Telas citizen can stop living in tents outside of the city and can begin their lives at "The Hearth" (Nest #2) 4 houses, a storage shack, and a blacksmith, along with an undeveloped area with more houses. I give you The Hearth.

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