Project: Mob Arena

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  1. Hey guys, i camed out with the idea of making an epic mini-game for EMC (maybe it wont get supported by admins but i will show how to make it and my progress here) *consider i don't know how to do it yet, im just building it *
    Here the main idea of it:
    Day 1---< 2012-03-14_18.45.27.png >--- This is the concept, it has 4 sides with 6 dispensers/each, they will drop mobs (via eggs) arrows, fire charges and 1-2 of them will drop prizes :)
  2. The mob area Justin made didn't even need dispensers.... :P
  3. Justin made a mob arena?
  4. How will this work? because fire charges will not work in town, and hostile mobs cannot be eggified
  5. That's a plugin, its called MobArena, no it doesnt need dispensers because its a modification of the game itself. My creation will be created without needing server or clien-side mods.
    Who told you it could be made at town?
    actually who told you that Justin and Jeremy will agree with this? :p
  6. Well actually Justinguy has the power to do anything so he can probably eggify the hostile ones. Also I like the idea copher. Once one of the admins see it maybe they will like it and remake the the server.
  7. A mob arena would give players encouragement to fight mobs and an easier time to collect mob loots. They would not need to venture out to the wild/nether to find monsters, which also leads to lesser "wormholes".

    At the same time, they'll gain xp orbs rather fast, affecting the TEXP leaderboards and xp farms would not really be needed. Bandwagon effect may also take place, where players would "camp" in the arena for item loots/rewards and xp.

    Being able to eggify mobs will give players the ability to indirectly kill others by spawning mobs around players in the wild/nether/end. If someone were to do so, it may be hard to track a player was killed by naturally spawning mobs, or minions spawned by players trying to bypass the no-pvp system.
  8. yeah I know but I think I know Justin guy would never attempt to kill a player using eggified mobs :p
  9. I was under the impression that there was a suggestion to allow everyone to eggify hostile mobs.
  10. The idea of making a Mob Arena it's to encourage the players to fight huge orbes of monsters, i will not make it easy for them, also, i believe xp wouldn't be affected because rounds will be max of 30 mobs, which wont get you top charts (and you still have to kill them with your own hands *or weapons*)

    Also, they can "camp" in there... if they wanna get killed xD