Price check : Several items

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by kanos108, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys I am wanting to check the prices on a few things...

    36 stacks of Blaze rods ( 1 sc + 9 stacks) or the location to a blaze farm

    36 stacks of Slime (1 sc + 9 stacks) or the location to a slime farm

  2. Use my tool to see prices at other shops:

    It will also give you average prices.

    As for location to farms, you have to consider the following:
    + Bonus XP
    + Risk From Griefing To You
    + Value Of Items
    - Risk Of Griefing To Your Customer
    - Distance
    - Lack Of Customization

    With good pictures of the farm, and a good farm, you could get quite a bit. Especially if the two farms are nearby eachother and you bundle them. But be aware that if someone griefs the farm, staff will not rebuild anything. That user would be banned but the farm would be lost. In the case of the blaze farm, I built one and someone griefed the spawner so there was no way to repair it at all. So that's why I'd be hesitant to invest in access to a farm, but on the other hand why it's reasonable to expect a fairly high fee.
  3. I would pay 10K for access to the farms