[Price Check] Res with insignificant number

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  1. I am not interested in buying or selling a res... Currently! I would just like to know the prices! I know it can also depend on which server, I also know it is only the res number that you can sell! Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Well, the only business is in spawn residences and residences with noticeable numbers, like 1111 for example.
    If it's just a regular residence with normal number and away from spawn, you probably wont get a buyer.
    Couldn't really give a price as it varies so heavily.
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  3. what rainbow said but I have 11111 for sale on smp5 :p lol
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  4. oh, so it was you that got Green's old res....
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  5. yeah :/ but he wasnt using it I guess I also got his smp4 spawn res on the VulcanMC alt... that was donated by NZscruffy though and we're very thankful (building an entertainment arena with spleef every week etc.)
  6. how much?
  7. pm me offers please :)